When you order a frame from us, you won't be sent a cheap clip frame - instead, you will receive a print in a beautiful, wooden frame which arrives strung and ready to hang. Every frame is individually handmade by our team of specialist picture framers. These chaps are also making frames for the likes of, Tate Modern and the British Library - so your artwork is in great hands!

Please note - we use a Perspex glazing, not glass. This is industry standard for many reasons including; UV protection for longevity of the print and safety. If you would prefer glass and live in the UK, please get in touch for a custom order. I'm afraid we can't supply glass to any other country.

We are connected with printing and framing labs in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe. If you order from the UK, USA, Australia or Europe, your order will be produced and shipped from within your country - avoiding customs delays and taxes. 

We ship un-framed prints worldwide! If you're outside of the UK, US or EU, but would like a frame, please get in touch for custom pricing.